About Us

Marconi Vivai in Roverbella, in the province of Mantua, is a 15-hectare family business that has been producing horticultural seedlings since 1972.

We have 60,000 square metres of heated and automated greenhouses that constantly maintain a suitable microclimate for growing horticultural seedlings.

The commitment of the family, which is now facing the addition of the third generation, is to ensure continuity and a future for our customers by offering a quality product and service that is always in line with market developments.

The spirit of initiative and growth of the founder and his sons allowed Marconi Vivai to specialise in the production of horticultural seedlings both nationally and internationally.

Today, we rely on employees and collaborators who work together every day with constant commitment to achieve the company’s goals.

We offer our customers traceability of the entire production process of the delivered products, ensuring quality, punctuality and professionalism.

Our History

The Marconi farm has origins that start from cattle breeding in 1960 to convert in the following years into a company that produced fruit and vegetables. In 1972 it was born from an idea of the founder to produce horticultural seedlings for himself and for local companies in order to improve his own internal production. From here begins a new path that has led the company to specialize in the production of horticultural seedlings with gradual growth. Since 1995, with the total entry of 4 children, a faster and more important development has been carried out up to today with 60,000 square meters of heated and automated greenhouses. Since 2015 Marconi Vivai has been facing the entry of the third generation and with it a new growth project which has led to the completion of the glass greenhouse block (year 2017) and an expansion of the logistics hub (year 2022).

Our Mission

Marconi Vivai‘s mission is to guarantee the best quality and technological innovation in the production of horticultural seedlings in order to satisfy a constantly evolving market.

Caring for people and the environment

Every day Marconi Vivai sows ideas and accumulates new experiences to offer its customers.

We guarantee the best quality and technology applied in the cultivation of horticultural seedlings in order to satisfy a constantly evolving market. Ours is an ethical company that works daily with respect for man and the environment.

Research and Development

Optimise, innovate, collaborate: these are the values that guide us daily to do better and better and to satisfy the most demanding customers.

One of our goals is to best fulfil the ‘Green Deal’, the European green plan in which all productive sectors work synergistically to achieve a green and inclusive transition.

What distinguishes us


Employees and technicians inside and outside the company combine their experience and synergy in order to offer a service that is always in line with the needs of customers, needs that are constantly growing and evolving. For example, thanks to an accurate computer system, we are able to have traceability of the entire production chain and batch control as each individual supply and variety has a unique code that distinguishes it, thus identifying each production step it undergoes.


Marconi Vivai uses plants, machinery and climate control systems for each production phase that constantly ensure a uniform, high-performance product that meets the customer’s requirements. Constant research of innovative methods and solutions available to modern specialised agriculture.  At Marconi Vivai we are convinced that innovation never stops, which is why we are constantly working on innovation, from breeding to mechanisation from farm operations and process controls. We are happy to follow new techniques and test new technologies that give more and more results and guarantees for the customer.


The use of specialised personnel and technicians, daily monitoring of the cultivation progress and automated greenhouses, ensuring a correct microclimate, provide the right combination to guarantee the result of a quality product, uniformity, and healthiness of the seedlings. After years of experience, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge to cultivate our plants in the best possible way. A good start in cultivation is the basis for a high quality end product.


One of our goals is to best fulfil the European Green Plan


After a favourable vote by the European Parliament, the Farm to Fork strategy has officially entered into force. It is a 10-year directive with the aim of rewarding farmers and breeders who work sustainably and making food accessible to all. The Farm to Fork strategy is part of the European Green Deal, the European Commission’s green transition programme to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050.

The aim of the Farm to Fork directive is to accelerate towards an environmentally friendly food system that preserves biodiversity and contributes to curbing climate change, first of all by reducing the use of chemical and hazardous pesticides by 50% by 2030.

The Farm to Fork strategy aims to accelerate our transition to a sustainable food system that should:

  • have a neutral or positive environmental impact
  • help mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts
  • reversing the loss of biodiversity
  • guarantee food security, nutrition and public health, ensuring that everyone has access to sufficient, safe, nutritious and sustainable food
  • preserving the accessibility of food products by generating fairer economic returns, fostering the competitiveness of the EU supply sector and promoting fair trade.

In order to fulfil these goals, Marconi Vivai chose to use ozone in irrigation, greatly reducing the use of chemical pesticides. This has allowed them to create a healthy environment for their plants to grow and improve their quality.

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