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Fruit Vegetables

Leafy vegetables


Tuber and Bulb Vegetables

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Marconi Vivai in Roverbella (Mantua) produces vegetable seedlings in pressed cube, the most widely used system for the production of leafy vegetables as it guarantees high speed and uniformity of vegetative growth during the transplanting phase.

Striped cube

The strip cube is designed for automatic transplanters as this system facilitates the insertion of the cubes into the machine, thus speeding up the transplanting phase.
The sizes currently produced are: 4.2 – 3.7 – 3.2

Single cube

The single cube is routinely used for transplanting above ground or with semi-automatic transplanters: this type of product respects maximum root growth and quality and is an absolute advantage for better crop and root growth.
The sizes currently produced are: 4.2 – 5

Range of cube seedlings

Leafy vegetables

For the past 20 years, a growing need and necessity of the market for a robust, strong and cost-effective seedling has led us to develop and improve this technique, which greatly facilitates rooting and transplanting. Suitable for transplanting with automatic or manual extraction machines.

260 Holes – 30×50 cm – 32×52 cm

216 Holes – 40×60 cm

Range of seedlings in Alveolo

Alveolus fruiting vegetables

Containers that facilitate transport and handling for transplanting to the customer, with hole sizes ranging from 4 to 8 cm in diameter. This makes it possible to build plants of optimum size and dimension, thus benefiting earliness at harvest and improving rooting during transplanting.

24 Holes – 32×52 cm

40 Holes – 33×52 cm

60 Holes – 34×52 cm

Type of Plants: grafted and free-standing plants available

Range of seedlings in Alveolo

Above ground

We cultivate horticultural seedlings in rockwool, a technique that has been used for years in Northern Europe, and is also growing in Italy, and enables the production of superior quality plants for growing in artificial substrate.

Standard cubes – 10×10 cm

On request – 7.5×7.5 cm or other sizes.

Type of Plants: grafted and free-standing plants available

Range of rockwool seedlings

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